Solar Security Cameras

Solar Powered Security Cameras

In Australia, we’re fortunate to have one of the most beautiful, sunny climates - so why not take advantage of the Aussie sun by using it to power your security system? Awaretech’s range of solar powered security cameras are robust, feature-rich and rugged, designed to withstand the elements - not only the harsh Aussie summers, but inclement weather, too. 

Rest assured that rain, hail or shine, an Awaretech solar powered security camera will give you the reliable peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to protecting your home, business and assets.

How do solar powered security cameras work?

Your security and surveillance needs shouldn't have to compromise in the face of geographically challenging environments - that’s where an Awaretech solar powered security camera shines.
A solar-powered camera can be used to monitor remote and difficult to access areas, where running cables would be difficult or costly, such as construction sites, rural homes, farms, sheds and more. Solar panel security systems connect to a solar panel to get power, converting the sunlight into direct current (DC) and require no electric cablings. A built-in inverter inside the camera unit will then change the direct current to alternating current (AC), which is then used to power solar security IP cameras and batteries to allow them to be used continuously, even when sunlight is not available. This means that when the sun isn’t shining, the wireless solar powered security cameras can still get power from their rechargeable batteries - so you’ll never miss a minute.

It’s the reliable protection and assurance that you deserve.

How do I connect solar panels to my solar powered surveillance camera?

At Awaretech, we cater for your every need when it comes to setting you up with the right solar camera and accessories, including solar panels. Many of our solar powered cameras come as a kit with solar panels, and our expert customer service team can also help you put together a custom setup to best suit your needs. 

Do all security cameras need WiFi?

Not all security cameras require a WiFi connection. If you’re installing a security camera in conditions that won’t allow you to connect to WiFi, Awaretech can help. We carry security cameras that come with built in memory that can be manually stored and removed, rather than transmitted via internet connection. Whatever your security and surveillance needs, Awaretech has the solutions to give you peace of mind. 
From wireless solar to solar IP systems, Awaretech’s surveillance cameras are high quality, robust and reliable. 

Need help choosing the best solar security cameras for your surveillance needs? Reach out to our expert customer service team and we’ll be glad to walk through your needs and help you make the best choice. We’ve got solar security options to suit every needs and budget.