Trail Cameras

Rugged, wireless Trail Cameras, built for the Aussie climate

Are you an avid wildlife photographer? A farmer looking to protect your investments? Or perhaps the owner of a rural property or farmstay? Then a trail camera is an invaluable tool!

If you’ve got a remote location or trail that you’d like to record, trust Awaretech to help get you set up and tracking with one of our industry leading trail cameras.

Can I use a trail camera for security?

You can think of a trail camera as a security system for the great outdoors! Awaretech trail cameras come equipped with many of the features that you also find in our top-of the-range outdoor cameras, wireless cameras and security cameras, such as instant alerts to your mobile device, remote access via 3G and long term memory storage.

Naturally, Awaretech trail cameras are also designed tough to withstand the harsh Aussie climate in a range of conditions - whether in the heat of summer or in the pouring rain, our trail cameras’ footage stays crisp, clear and with minimum blur.

Awaretech trail cameras also come with a range of accessories including rugged cases to blend into the environment and further protect from the elements. 

How does a wireless trail camera work? 

 Awaretech trail cameras make the job easier by acting as a remote image capture device, allowing you to effectively monitor the area from anywhere, anytime. Unlike a standard digital camera, trail cameras are activated by movement. Once the trail camera senses movement, it will immediately take a photo or video - which comes complete with reliable EXIF data that tells you the image or video’s time and date of recording.

As a trail camera is on a motion sensor activation system, its battery usage is relatively conservative.

How long do trail camera batteries last?

When it comes to how long batteries will last in a trail cam,  this is one of the most common questions. A trail camera needs a power source to operate - many trail cameras operate on a 12v system, needing 12 volts of energy to work at their best level. Some trail cameras also work on 6v and 9v systems, depending on their features.

At Awaretech, our trail cameras use solar power technology. A solar powered trail camera saves you from constantly having to change or recharge your batteries and harnesses the power of the harsh Aussie sun to your advantage. Our Industrial Outdoor Rugged Trail Camera is a great choice for anyone requiring a robust trail camera to withstand the elements. Widely used to monitor warehouses, sporting clubs, remote shipping containers, farm sheds, and hiking trails, this 3G Outdoor Security Camera keeps you informed with smart in-app alerts and push notifications. It is also designed to have exceptional longevity. It’s the reliable trail camera solution that you deserve!

Do trail cameras need WiFi?

A wireless trail camera acts as a hybrid between a normal trail camera and a mobile phone. As it has a SIM card and a plan, it uses the 3G or 4G network to send data. This allows the trail camera to be placed in remote locations or obscure and hard to reach places that might be outside of a WiFi network. 

How do I set up my trail camera?

At Awaretech, we understand your needs - and when it comes to setting up a trail camera, we know that it can be confusing to know where to start or how to make sure that you’ve set up your device correctly. That’s why our expert customer service team are on hand to help answer any curly questions you may have, or to walk you through the best way to set up your new Awaretech trail camera. 

Reach out to us at any time, we’re happy to help!